EZTEK is a fast-growing specialist that has provided homes and businesses in north Melbourne with electronic, digital and security solutions for almost two decades. With extensive know-how and up-to-date technologies, EZTEK Pty Ltd offers the latest advice in security consulting, as well as digital and electronic upgrades for your home or business premises. Home and business owners can undertake a free analysis to determine if they are safe.

Our show room and warehouse is based in south Reservoir (north of Melbourne), where we are happy to talk about any product or service you require. The show room is open from 9am to 5pm on working business days; we are also happy to meet you on Saturdays by special appointment.

EZTEK services are fully guaranteed, with a lifetime warranty on all installations. All of our services are undertaken with care, skill and technical knowledge, and attention is paid to every task to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

At EZTEK, we are committed to becoming one of the most trusted businesses in Melbourne.  We tirelessly pursue these goals by offering our customers a superior shopping experience, rapid delivery and stellar customer support. 

We are happy to share all of our knowledge and experience with our clients. We cover the full spectrum of services so clients know they will end up with the best possible solution. With our advanced and reliable products, we help our clients keep their properties safe.

EZTEK was created from the company AAZI Computer, with more than 1000s of satisfied customers under the management of Mr Mehran Hedayati. Today he combines all of his experience and expert teams into a new concept of an all-in-one company, with the pride of such multi-engineering services now offered under the unique company EZTEK.

EZTEK’s skill areas cover:

  1. Internet, Intranet, Local network connections.
  2. Audio visual systems – TV, Pay TV, Satellite TV, Home cinema, Paging system, Sound systems and more.
  3. Security systems – Surveillance cameras, Burglar alarm, Fire alarm, Access control, Video intercom and more.
  4. Automation, Structural cabling, Electrical and other electronic and digital systems.
  5. Custom digital system design and deployment.

The difference in EZTEK’s services is the attention to detail:

       We only source materials and products from well-known companies and manufacturers, and provide a life-time guarantee for our installation services.

       We provide consulting and expert advice in specialist areas such as security, digital, electronic and related services that we can offer.

       We plan and budget all projects in order to maximise project efficiency.

      We offer training and tuition so clients learn how to receive the maximum benefits from their systems.

       Ongoing coverage includes customer care, warranties and guarantees.

Research and up-to-date information in technology is our secret to keep us on the top, alongside our pride to exceed our customers’ satisfaction.


2000: AAZI Computer was founded by Mr. Mehran Hedayati to provide computer and networking solutions.

2003 to 2005: A parallel business branch, MrSatellite, was founded and later expanded to include satellite TV, audio systems and surveillance video systems.

2009: Business expanded to include security systems, alarm systems and security camera systems.

2010: Services expanded to dependent security systems, plus local and remote automation

2014: Incorporation of multi-layer security systems, with increased focus on product research and installation of new product imports.

2015: Founding of a new company structure, with a fund added.

2016: EZTEK Pty Ltd is established to incorporate the full spectrum of electronic, digital and security solutions.