The InfoComm China 2021 – China’s premier exhibition for professional audiovisual and integrated experience technologies – was held at the Beijing National Convention Center from July 21st to 23rd. With the theme “Smart Commercial Display, Innovative Visual World”, Dahua Technology, a world leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, and its subsidiary FeuVision Technology jointly showcased a variety of its latest audiovisual technologies, cutting-edge products and comprehensive solutions.

Visual Command and Integrated Scheduling

Dahua Technology's brand new Command Center Solution – based on audio and video technology – provides a unified display, control and dispatching solution that integrates core technologies such as distributed seat management system, emergency command and dispatch platform, visual control software, as well as micro-module intelligent data center. While offering professional and customized designs of sound, light and space, it also provides “3A” service support for the command center, and creates a modern command and dispatch base for operators.

Astounding Display and Immersive Experience

The Dahua Immersive Solution adopts unique multi-channel synchronization fusion technology, stereoscopic 3D display technology, and audio technology to connect multiple groups of LED screens in a seamless arc transition, thus constructing a closed three-dimensional space. Together with digital content production, it delivers astounding display, realistic effect and immersive experience to users.

Smart Lighting and Bright Classrooms

In order to solve classroom lighting problems including insufficient light, severe glare, inadequate color temperature and color rendering index, etc., the Dahua Smart Classroom Lighting Solution combines professional lighting technology with intelligent IoT technology to provide a comfortable physical environment for teachers and students. At the same time, its environmentally-friendly smart lighting control function can help users save energy and reduce consumption.

Digital Conference and Efficient Collaboration

Based on high-end display technology, the Dahua Smart Meeting Room Solution embraces innovative technologies such as paperless conference systems, professional sound reinforcement systems, and central control systems to break through the traditional space limitations. It provides businesses and institutions with conference services that offers advanced concepts, complete functions, and efficient collaboration.

Core Technological Innovation

The LED Splicing Processor (V1000 Series) is a new generation of video splicing processors designed for small-pitch LED display applications. It adopts a high-performance FPGA architecture, integrates splicing processing and video control, and supports unequal and irregular screen splicing. When matching 3D glasses and external transmitter (built-in 3D film source), it can present 3D effect on an ordinary LED display screen.

Transparent LED Display

Boasting an integrated terminal design, the transparent LED products feature power-on display and flexible program release via a mobile app. It allows users to transform the glass window into a visually impactful internet-based commercial medium without changing the appearance of original buildings and affecting indoor lighting.

Smart Lamppost

The Dahua Smart Lamppost products – taking lamppost as its foundation – are equipped with lights, cameras, weather sensors, WIFI, display screens as well as other devices. Users can manage the power supply and network of all devices through the smart cloud box. While achieving full interconnection of devices and full integration of functions, it also provides an integrated smart ecological platform featuring on-demand lighting, high efficiency and energy conservation, fine management, and emergency linkage. As the basic foundation of future smart city construction, smart lamppost products can be widely used in municipal roads, tourist attractions, industrial parks and the surrounding areas of large-scale apartment complexes.

Together with FeuVision Technology, Dahua Technology will adhere to its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living” and continuously explore emerging intelligent digital domains such as commercial display, command center, digital exhibition hall, smart lighting, etc., constantly creating value for customers.